What we can offer you

Control Panels

Morris Electric Ltd. has substantial experience related to control panel wiring, from custom cabinets to complex controls.

A.C. Variable Frequency Drives/D.C. Drives

When you're after varying speeds for your motors, we have experience with both of these drive systems.

Conveyor Systems

From initial install, to renovations, to control upgrades, we’ve done it. Want to keep your conveyor from running continuously to reduce wear and tear? We’ve modified conveyors for photoeye control. We’ve dealt with merge tables, kickers, pushers, powered rollers, belts, inclines, declines, brake motors, device net control, PLC control, you name it.


Morris Electric Ltd. has installed a great deal of distribution equipment for newer and larger loads as business expands and production increases. From increasing your electrical service to handle the demand, to providing off shore voltages for your overseas equipment.


Still using High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide (or even Mercury Vapour) HID lighting in your space? Or how about T12 flourescent lamps? It’s time to speak with us about the latest trends in warehouse and office lighting, to save you money and increase light levels.

Motor Controls

Every motor needs a method by which it can be controlled, and protected. We’ve seen just about all of them.


Programmable Logic Controllers remain as a versatile solution to more complex control requirements. None the less, we have experience removing them when they become obsolete or difficult to support, and installing them to improve control versatility.

Refrigeration Systems

Morris Electric Ltd. has extensive experience with larger freezers and coolers, with complex defrost processes.


Renovations can be complex and time consuming. Morris Electric Ltd. has experience distressing the experience, and getting things done productively where the scope of work may be poorly defined. Next to troubleshooting, renovations top the charts for us.